Sai Brinda Apartments (charan deep developers)

lwbl list

house no: Sai Brinda Apartments (charan deep developers)
property provided by: Sai Brinda Apartments (charan deep developers)
name of pg/hostel/Apartment: Sai Brinda Apartments (charan deep developers)
Address: Sadanand Nagar, Benniganahalli
experience type:Worst
Experience of tenants : Worst landlord .Mr. balakrishna
Any issue regarding deposit refund: Yes. He is a fraud in case of returning the deposit amount. We can’t expect anything in return . Moreover he has connected tenants meters to multiple common electric utilities and charges hefty maintenance amount
House is given to : 0
House type(Not applicable for PG) : 0
Occupancy type : Single
Type of house rented : Individual rented house(individual/nestaway/other)
Number of months stayed in the house : 11
Rent charged(In Rupees) : 25000
Deposit charged : 120000
Notice period/any agreement : 2
Reason for choosing the house/PG : Good locality
How did you know about the house/source : 0
Water facilities:Mostly hard water for other uses
How’s the Locality:Calm and peaceful neighbourhood
How do you feel about the charges you pay::Not worth the price