Our plans to protect your stay

A complete report about the house and its surrounding areas for better judgement.

A PG hunt story for you


Property verification/inspection plans

  • *Avoid fraud leads/bad properties
  • *No more falling prey to false promises
  • *Uncover actual facts
  • *Compare the options 
  • *save token money and many more
  • check the below plan details

Stay protection plans

  • *Maintain healthy relationship between owners and tenants
  • * Avoid deduction disputes 
  • *complete documented proofing during move-in and move-out
  • *Save yourself from online bullying/Defamation
  • *detailed house checks 
  • *Relationship manager to help you make your stay desirable 
  • check the below plan details
  • *Detailed Proofing to avoid misrepresentations


A single scan covering all the required checks before moving in

Financial details

Estimation of the overall expenses one can incur incur in the PG/house.Such as:rent,deposit,monthly bills,maintenance charge,society charges etc..

housing cleanliness check

We conduct a hygiene test of the rooms,living room and bathrooms.check the maintenance service provided

Mess/food review

we examine the conditions of the kitchen,safety standard followed and its maintenance.Taste the food and collect the feedback form the tenants.

electricity & water facilities

Availability of the water facilities in the area/building and water hardness are checked.the power backup management and frequency of cuts in the locality are examined

Room facilities

All the functionality checks are done in the rooms such as the wifi speed,electric sockets placements, AC, heater, bed, mattress,wall paintings checks are conducted in order to avoid false claims by management during exit

Behavioural check

house owner/area manager behaviour towards the tenants and issue response handling are studied. if they are roommates available then their profile checks are done to understand the demographics of the House/PG


Review of all the facilities promised such as:maid service,gym facilities,security,lockers, entertainment & recreational activities and other services offered


Review on the locality facilities such as available food options,maid services,stores,safety checks,day and night service availability,transportation facilities etc...

Our report helps user to know the real status of the PG’S/CO-LIVE SPACES/HOUSES(which most of the property owners/Brokers don’t disclose)

our report covers:

  • Utilities fact check
  • House cleaning,laundry, room service check
  • Food/mess facilities review and kitchen hygiene test.
  • Electricity,water(soft/hard check) facilities review and charge estimation
  • Room facilities(WIFI speed,AC,TV,heater,bed,mattress,wall painting etc..) review
  • House owner behaviour and flatmates profile check
  • Review on the security facilities provided.
  • users review on the gym facilities,playground and other services provided by property owner.
  • review on the locality (local safety check and crime analysis)
  • Details of the available recreational, entertainment and sports facilities in the location
  • Maid services availability check and recommendation(for cooking and cleaning).
  • Transportation facilities details and connectivity to major spots.
  • overall location review, (day and night time) services and safety checks.
  • overall house review and tenant reviews*
  • Financial details:rent,deposit,maintenance,electricity,water and overall avg monthly expenses for that property. 

Sample request form:
your name:
message:(provide the house details)
house/pg name:
if coliving mention the operator:ex nestaway,zolo,pgo etc..
total houses requested: number

verification service @ RS 149*

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