Tenancy protect kit

Can be used by both Tenants and owners.

A self-protection tool is to help have a detailed communication and avoid misunderstandings during your move-out/exit.Store all the information about status of the property when you move-in like pictures & video of the house, agreement copy,terms decided and document proofs.

Procedure to use the stay assist tool: 

  • Keep ready the following to upload
    • pictures of house or things you think need to be documented(5 for basic/10 for advance)
    • Take a one minute video of rooms or places you think need attention and proof .(One minute for basic plan.2 videos for advance plan)
    • Pdf of rent agreement
    • Bills/additional documents/noc if any

Now login or create account(its free) in pgscan to access form.follow the steps showed in form after completion of filling details submit .(for basic plan just submit/for advance proceed with payment).

Details will be sent to your mails and account.you will have all the details in your my account page->myhome ,where you can access the details or update any changes during the stay.

An exit form is provided to proceed with move-out process.

You can share to owner/other tenants link & password  for access and confirmation.

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